What our clients are saying

"I could not be happier with my choice of GIS1.net to do our parcel mapping services. My decision has proven to be both wise and cost-conscious."

- Kevin Cameron, Elbert Co. Chief Appraiser

Parcel Maintenance Service

At GIS1.net we simply provide the best parcel maintenance service you can get. While we strive to be very competitive with our pricing, we will not compromise on quality and service. It's quality and service that are the keystone of our business success. In fact, we may be the only GIS company around that can say we've NEVER had a customer leave us for any reason. We are all about customer satisfaction and that's why we're still the fastest growing GIS company in Georgia.


Gaps or Overlaps:

There are many different methods for updating your parcel data. Many of those methods yield less than desirable results with parcels overlapping adjoining parcels or having small gaps between them. These gaps and overlaps make your data less useful for electronic analysis purposes such as CUVA and FLPA calculations. Our data entry techniques eliminate the possibility of gaps and overlaps that are more common than not with other service providers.

Line Data Entry:

There are many different data entry techniques for entering the lines that make up the boundary of a parcel. Among those techniques is eye-balling (free-handing), use of pre-existing lines, digitizing, and COordinate GeOmetry (COGO). We always use COGO for data entry when a legible survey is provided. With each parcel that is entered, we generate a survey closure report that is inspected to minimize the possibility of typographical errors going undetected. All COGO lines are saved in a separate layer allowing you to easily review our work.


There are several quality verification techniques we use to make sure your data is accurate and complete. The most obvious is to compare the GIS version of your parcel data to your CAMA database on a parcel by parcel basis. If you have a parcel listed in your CAMA database, we want to make sure it is mapped and if we have a parcel mapped, we want to make sure it is listed in your CAMA database. If your CAMA database has a parcel listed as 13.50 acres, we want to make sure that parcel is drawn in the GIS data at or very near 13.50 acres. By routinely comparing the contents of your CAMA database with your GIS data, we significantly reduce the risk of allowing your mistakes or our mistakes from going undetected.


Turnaround Time:

We can proudly say that we can normally process your documents faster than you can provide them to us. Most of our counties are happy with data updates every 2-3 months, but if you need more frequent updates we're the company for you. Challenge us to meet your demands and you won't be disappointed.

Data Delivery to You:

We can provide your data any way you like it. The most convenient option is for us to direct connect to your computer, and load the files to a predetermined location and with a predetermined name. You'll then receive an email letting you know that your old data has been replaced with a new set of data. It requires no action on your part.

Data Delivery to Others:

Each time we update your data, we automatically send a copy to your website provider, unless you request otherwise. We will also handle all of your Open Records requests if you have any, but will never provide your data to anyone without your knowledge and permission.

Technical Support:

With each parcel maintenance agreement, we provide unlimited GIS technical support to your office on all parcel related issues and we maintain your road centerline data at no additional charge.

Optional Related Services:

In addition to maintaining the electronic version of your parcel data, we can also provide paper tax maps and analysis services such as annual CUVA and FLPA calculations, to name a few.